Annual Voucher Pre-Payment – LRE

Annual Voucher Pre-Payment Form

All inclusive rates #1

Owner #1
Guests #1

All inclusive rates #2

Owner #2
Guests #2

Please fix the following errors in the table:

I authorize the use of my annual voucher to pre-pay the all-inclusive for the guests detailed above in the amount of

By authorizing the above amount I agree that should the number of guests decrease,or the duration of their stay change, I will not be refunded the difference in all-inclusive. I confirm that if more guests arrive, or people other than named above, they will be charged $200 per day and issued with non-vip bracelets for the duration of their stay.


This form must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to check-in so that our Accounting Department can make the correct deductions prior to arrival with sufficient notice. Failure to render this information will result in you not being able to use your Voucher to use towards your all-inclusive.